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Easy and Beautiful Beginners Mehndi Designs to Try in 2019

Beginners Mehndi Designs:

On this page you will get the designs which are to easy and beautiful. The who want to learn mehndi designs can use these designs to learn Mehndi. This is a one simple designs for beginners, who want to learn mehndi. In this design you will see that it is based on paisley style pattern, which is in trend today. There is also a half flower drawn in this design, as well as spiral as well as dotted pattern is also used in it. It is very simple design as well as easy to learn. Beginners Mehndi Designs are given on this page. Beginners Mehndi Designs

In the next design, there is simple flower and dotted pattern is used which is too easy to use. This a simple  design if you want to apply it on a small kids hand you can apply it, because it is a small design, also can be drawn easily. In this design you will see that it is drawn on the back side of the hand but you can also apply on the wrist.

The next design which is given to you is a simple geometrical design. In this design you will see the geometrical pattern which is too easy to drawn. In this design, you will also see a zig-zag pattern with a leaf style. This zig zag pattern is so easy to draw.

In this design you will see that a big flower drawn at the center. On its ends you will see different pattern like dots, paisley pattern. This design is also to easy to make and simple.

Beginners Mehndi Designs

Tikki Mehndi Designs Step By Step:

On this page you will get some designs step by step to draw, which will help you to draw different designs. These designs are so simple and easy to make. These designs can be used with any pattern. Means that these are the basics of Mehndi designs. From these you can learn mehndi easily.

These are some tikki mehndi designs which are so easy to make. In these pics you will see step by step method to draw. In these designs you will see different pattern are used. In the first design you will see a leaf pattern design. Which look beautiful in the combination.

The second design you will see is a floral Tikki design. It starts with a dot in the center and around it 2 circles are drawn and after that spiral ring is drawn and after that leaves of the flower and in the end you will see that curved lines are drawn. This combination is also very easy. This design is also beautiful.

Beginners Mehndi Designs

In the nest design you will see that it is basically a floral and curl tikki design. In this dotted pattern is also used. By the help of curls a flower is drawn on the back side of the hand. Beginners Mehndi Designs are given here. Beginners Mehndi Designs

Sketched Designs Step By Step:

I am giving you some basic sketches for mehndi designs. These are for the startup girls. Who did not know any thing about mehndi. The first image is very easy. These are the simple and also easy basics of mehndi designs. With the help of these you can made any new design you want to draw.

Beginners Mehndi Designs

In the next image you will see a paisley design. This is beautiful design and also very easy to make. Beginners Mehndi Designs are discussed here. 

In next design you will see a little difficult designs. This is a tattoo style design. Although, these kinds of designs are also in trend today. Girls like to draw them. Because they look beautiful.Beginners Mehndi Designs

This is floral pattern of rose. Mostly girls like to draw flowers on their hand. This design is best for them. They can apply it easily. These are some designs for Beginners Mehndi Designs. Beginners Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs Videos: 

You will find Beginners Mehndi Designs on this page because if you have interest in learning mehndi designs. You will also find other links from my site on this page. These designs are also in trend. As well as you can save them.

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