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Pattern Of Modern and Stylish Bengali Mehndi Design For Women’s

 Trendy Bengali Mehndi Design  For Girls

Bengali Mehndi Design is very unique and beautiful when we applied to our hands and feet. Mehndi is a form of body art which is originated from the Indian subcontinent. Bengali Mehndi Design is the best pick for any occasion and festivals. In Asian countries, girls and women’s to decorate their hands and feet with Mehndi cone especially in festivals.  Mehndi is also referred to as henna when we applied Mehndi on our hand a cute smile come to your face.

Mehndi is not very popular in Bengali culture but because of northern and western India, it becomes a trend. To apply Bengali Mehndi Design in your hands and feet as the peacock is a very beautiful bird we know when we applied Mehndi on the palms features of peacock decorated with small semi-circles and dots. Dots are highlight’s the design in a very pretty way hands look so pretty when we apply a very unique design of our hands.

stylish Bengali mehndi design

latest Bengali mehndi for girls

Dulhan Bengali Mehndi Patterns

Bridal Bengali Mehndi Design is a very unique and best design for bridals it looks so unique and beautiful bridal Mehndi.

dulhan Bengali mehndi design bridal Bengali mehndi Design have some  types which are as follows

1: peacock Bengali Mehndi

2:  Bengali Mehndi For Dulhan

3: pretty Bengali Mehndi with butterfly design

4:  Floral Bengali Mehndi

5: Heavy look Bengali Mehndi

6: Old fashioned Bengali Mehndi

7: Pattern Bengali Mehndi

8: Image Bengali Mehndi

Peacock Bengali Mehndi Pattern

As we know peacock is so beautiful bird. we apply a peacock design of our hands it looks so unique and beautiful,  Peacock featured decorated our hands with small circles and dots highlights the Bengali Mehndi design in a very unique way.

stylish peacock Bengali mehndi stylish peacock Bengali mehndi for feet

Bengali Mehndi For Dulhan

Dulhan Bengali Mehndi Design is so outstanding and beautiful. On the back side of the hand, we design a flowers design Mehndi that look so pretty and set with small curves. flowers make a Dulhan design very special for others that Dulhan hands look pretty and different from others. Flowers make the entire Dulhan look so beautiful.

Alta bengali mehndi design for bride pretty Bengali mehndi for bride

Pretty Bengali Mehndi With Butterfly Design

Bengali henna looks very decent and pretty when young girls apply on their hands a cute petal of flowers. with curves and small lines when butterfly design applies on their hands it also looks so awesome and unique.  Bengali girls like Bengali Mehndi Design so much to apply a very beautiful design on their hands. pretty Bengali Mehndi looks so decent on girls hands.

simple and cute Bengali mehndi design

Floral Bengali Mehndi Pattern

Floral Bengali Mehndi looks very pretty when girls apply to their palms. roiling of flowers petal is so nice when girls apply on the fingers design of flowers Mehndi looks very beautiful. Floral Bengali Mehndi design is very popular and famous in Bengal mostly girls apply to their palms and it looks very trendy.

simple and beautiful Bengali mehndi design

Heavy look Bengali Mehndi

Heavy looks Bengali Mehndi is very inspired by Arabian. Because girls love to apply their hands a very heavy Mehndi design,  it gives fashionable looks and it looks also an elegant type of design. They inspired by Arabian Mehndi and mostly bride, apply to their palms a very heavy Mehndi design because it also signs of shoguns.

Old fashioned Bengali Mehndi

Old fashion is basically a traditional Bengali Mehndi design. In culture, girls apply Alta to their hand and feet which is deep in red color. Many pretty designs like floral,  butterfly pattern, peacock and mango leave this type of design to give you a traditional Bengali look.

traditional Bengali mehndi design simple traditional Bengali mehndi design

Pattern Bengali Mehndi Designs

Girls like to applied Mehndi in a different way. To the circular pattern gives a perfect look, as it gives a cool and pretty look.

The pattern of Bengali Mehndi design is as follows

  • circular Pattern
  • Curves pattern
  • Mango leaves pattern
  • Floral pattern
  •  pattern Bengali mehndi design    curve style Bengali mehndi simple pattern of Bengali mehndi simple and stylish Bengali mehndi

Bengali Mehndi Design Images

Bengali girls and women’s also love this type of Image of Bengali Mehndi.  Where is a one-hand cover with a half design, and other half design,  Apply on the palms which look so pretty. nowadays cover your hands and feet with a charming design.  In occasion or festivals, every female applies Mehndi to their hands and feet.

mirror Bengali mehndi design stylish mirror Bengali mehndi design  unique mirror Bengali mehndi

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