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15+ Unique and Attractive Black Henna Designs for hands 2018-19

Black Henna Designs:

Mehndi has always been an acute and important ingredients for weddings, religious occasions and festivals. Mehndi is most popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and Arabic countries due to rituals and ceremonial use. It all depends on your state of mind that which style you like the utmost. The Black Henna Designs are most popular in which you can try different designs  like peacock, traditional motifs, geometric patterns or different shapes and designs. You can also apply glitters, stones and beads to make mehndi designs attractive and unique.

There are different mehndi like Brown mehndi,white mehndi, red mehndi and black mehndi. But here we discuss about black mehndi designs. Black mehndi was common in the middle east countries but nowadays its common all around the world. Now a days black mehndi is much famous among girls and mostly parlor designers use this black mehndi . Black mehndi gives beautiful dark colour and dried quickly. Black mehndi patterns are mostly suitable for wedding occasions, parties and other get-togethers.

Black Henna Designs for Hands:

Mehndi is most important for girls and women. They can apply mehndi in different events. In India, it is a shaggun to apply mehndi in each and every event which increase the beauty of hands. In hands, they apply different types of designs like tikki style,dotted style,Arabic style, geometric style,pattern and full hands mehndi designs.

Henna Designs for Brides:

Wedding is the main event and a big day for every girl. From all over the places of the world we have selected these designs of the bridal henna to provide you unique designs of the bridal henna collection. Mehndi has its own traditional effect in wedding. The colour of mehndi defines the deep love shade between bride and groom.

Henna Designs for Kids:

Kids are so crazy for mehndi designs. When they apply mehndi and can’t wait for becoming dry and go for wash the mehndi. So black mehndi is suitable for kids because they dry quickly and gives a beautiful red and dark colour. Within 5 minutes black mehndi gives bright and attractive colour. Personally,I’m also like to apply black mehndi. Simple and easy designs for kids are given below. Hope kids like those designs.

Cautions for mothers: When you people apply mehndi on your kids hand please apply mehndi on your own body and check, the mehndi is of good quality or not.

Henna Designs for Girls:

Girls like simple and easy mehndi designs. These can be made easily and neatly. These designs are in trend now. Girls like to draw them by these days. Black mehndi designs are of many types. Girls who do not want to apply to heavy Mehndi on Hands they can apply these simple designs. Mehndi designs look beautiful and awesome. They can be applied on backside of hands, on fingers, on front side of hands. Below easy and simple mehndi designs for girls Hope you people like and apply in upcoming year 2019 Insha Allah.

Black Henna Tattoos:

Teenagers like to apply black mehndi because it dries rapidly and give full red and dark color. So the girls like black mehndi. Black henna powder may be derived from indigo which can stain skin black quickly, but can cause severe allergic reactions and permanent scarring if left on for more than 2–3 days.Black Mehndi, also known as Chemical Mehndi. Black Mehndi designs done with the help of the black chemical cone, creating the borders and filled in with mehndi give an amazing dual color effect and look really beautiful when applied on hands. Tattoo style black mehndi design is given below. This design is unique and simple and easy to apply.

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