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Traditional and stylish bridal mehndi designs 2019

Latest Bridal mehndi designs

Brides are the most attractive part of weddings. The preparation of the bride at her wedding is a very important passage. The bride is incomplete and looks colourless without the colours of mehndi. Bridal mehndi designs make the hands and feet of bride marvellous. There is a special function for the mehndi. In this function, the bride’s hands and feet are beautified with gorgeous bridal mehndi designs. Different countries have different traditions. So their brides apply traditional bridal mehndi designs before one night. There are many kinds of mehndi designs. In addition, Every person has its own choice. But girls mostly prefer a simple and decent type of mehndi design. Kids have a light look.

simple bridal mehndi designs

Furthermore, mehndi designs are not only applied on hands but they also applied on feet and legs.

Asian bride mehndi design

In Asia weddings, at mehndi night the brides’ hands are decorated with beautiful designs. One hand of a bride is beautifying with the mehndi design and in the second with the ladies and the kids. Here this tradition has a great value.

new asian bridal mehndi for hands

Pakistani bridal mehndi design

In Pakistan, the brides apply mehndi before one night of the event. Pakistani traditional mehndi is root-like. It also has flowers, leaves and appendages. Brides hands are cover with heavy designs of mehndi.
Moreover, Some girls do not like heavy designs hence they can apply simple and decent designs.

heavy mehndi for brides in pakistan

decent bridal mehndi

Arabic bridal mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi is full of nature and originality. It has a floral structure. In fact, It is very prominent and classical. Besides that, it is a very bold type. Brides like to make a large flower structure on the mid of the posterior of the palm. It beautifies the hands.
In some countries, it is become traditional to hide the groom name between the mehndi design of bride. It is thought that as the colour of mehndi is darker it means the great love between the couple and his family. So, Bridal mehndi designs colour has great importance for the wedding.


sweet back hand bridal mehndi design

Hand bridal mehndi design

Hands of brides are cover with different patterns. Thus, It is also lace type, floral, leaves like heart like the spiral, circular etc. Ladies look very happy to apply mehndi on hands.  Here two types of mehndi colour red and black. Ladies mix these both colour to beautify it. Both are equally important. It gives ornamental look. Mehndi is also drawing on the arms. Mehndi is drawing in the paisley pattern on the fingers.



Foot bridal mehndi designs

Foots are decorated with fantastic overlook and attraction. At the down of feet, a lot of mehndi is applied to cover the whole skin. Beautiful bridal mehndi designs are drawn on the front.

awesome bridal feet mehndi 2019

mehndi design for feets of bride in new style

Cuts and beads design

Mehndi designs also used cuts and dots. cuts are also present in mehndi design and covers with the beads. As a result, a beautiful structure appears on the bride’s hand. This picture shows decent dots and beads design.

new cuts and beads mehndi design

Turkish  bridal mehndi designs

We know that mehndi has very great importance in our weddings. weddings become colourless without the colour of mehndi. Every country has theirs on traditions and values. So, bridal Mehandi designs are also important in Turkey. For instance, Turkey is in the mid of Islamic countries. Turkish mehndi designs are very decent and simple. There are different types of mehndi designs like full palm, half hand, feet etc. Moreover, Pakistani girls are following the style of Turkish in dressing bridal mehndi designs. As well as mehndi is the very favourite thing of girls, ladies and kids. Thus, they apply mehndi on eid, weddings and special events.latest turkish bride mehndi

They apply a single layout on hand and left it to dry. Mehndi gives hands and feet very beautiful colour. Mehndi applies from arms to hand and fingers direction. further, It gives a very sweet view of hands.

In the second place, Eid and weddings are incomplete without mehndi. Turkish girls are also applying oil and sugar water on dry mehndi to give a beautiful and dark colour to hands. Finally, Girls apply mehndi before one night from the event because it gives time to dry and take good colour.



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