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Top 15 Amazing and Stylish Colored Mehndi Designs of Hands 2018

Colored Mehndi Designs:

Colored Mehndi Designs Look so beautiful and awesome. These designs are also trendy and easy. Girl like these designs. Because you can apply them with their dress they wear. They look so awesome. They look like brasclets wearied in Hand.  Colored Mehndi Designs

Pink Mehndi Designs:

Pink Mehndi design look beautiful and awesome. These designs are different from one another. These designs have mostly floral design. Because they look awesome and like a pink rose drawn on the hand and different from other designs.

Colored Mehndi Designs Colored Mehndi Designs

Blue Mehndi Designs:

Colored Mehndi DesignsColored Mehndi DesignsColored Mehndi Designs

White Mehndi Designs:

White Mehndi is suitable for all people but the christian mostly apply white henna on their wedding because her dress color is white so they like to apply white mehndi. On dark skin white Mehndi can be recognized easily but on light color skin it can not be seen easily. The best thing about fashion is that it always keeps on changing and every other day there are some additions or alteration. Mehndi has been a popular trends for years and it is not out of fashion ever. Many of the bride’s in western countries have opted for temporary white mehndi art to go their beautiful white wedding gowns.

Colored Mehndi DesignsColored Mehndi Designs

Purple Mehndi Designs:

Purple Mehndi design is a type of Color Mehndi. It is a wrist style mehndi design. It look so elegant. Girls like colored mehndi because these look awesome in contrast. The design which is given below is a combination of dotted, leaf, lined, curl pattern. It is soo awesome.Colored Mehndi Designs

The design which is given below is combination of black and purple. It is so unique. purple color look so beautiful. You can find these designs easily and also ha silver color in it. This design is different in look.

Yellow Mehndi Designs:

Yellow Mehndi designs look awesome and Beautiful. These designs look like golden jwellery. It look so unique. It is soo easy. Colored Mehndi Designs are also in trend and girls like them alot.

Colored Mehndi Designs

In this design you will see that it is a floral design. These designs are liked by may people. If you like to draw these images on your hands these are s awesome to apply. Colored Mehndi Designs

Green Mehndi Designs:

Green Mehndi designs are beautiful and so easy. Dark colors look beautiful and awesome on hands. These colors are also beautiful and unique. I also like these designs. The design which is given below are so awesome. In the first design you will see that their is combination of dark green and light green color. It is so awesome combination of dark and light. Colored Mehndi Designs

The design which is given below is beautiful. In this design you will see that there is leaf pattern and dotted pattern used. This design look beautiful and awesome. 

The design which is given above is in combination of silver and green. This look awesome in this combination. It also has a green color in different shade. It has the shade of Mehndi. Colored Mehndi Designs are given on this page.

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