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Simple and Stunning Dotted Mehndi Designs to Try Now in 2018

Dotted Mehndi Designs:

Dotted Mehndi Designs are very popular in Pakistan as well as India. These Mehndi designs were applied in combination with other patterns. These designs look beautiful.  Dotted mehndi designs are very popular in all countries. Dots in a design look beautiful.  The design which is given bellow is a mixture of dotted and flowered both designs. In this design you will see the chain of dots in it which look beautiful. Dots are also applied on the fingers in this picture. People also apply it in different ways.Dotted Mehndi Designs

Tikki Mehndi Designs:

Tikki Mehndi designs are also very trendy in Pakistan and India. Tikki Mehndi designs are drawn on the inner side of the Pam. First of all a dot is drawn in the center of hand and surrounded by different dot and then with different designs. These designs can be applied on both sides of hand. They look Beautiful.  Dotted Mehndi Designs Dotted Mehndi Designs Dotted Mehndi Designs

Central attraction of this design is a circular mehndi design that is made with concentric circles covered with fine detailling of lines, deepened areas and even dots. As the circle grows it turned into a giant flower with a set of floral designs made around it. The leaves and tiny caricatures increase its appeal. Before this Fingers are carefully covered with heavy designing of a little of floral and a lot of details of net and fine lines.

Dotted Mehndi Designs for Fingers:

These designs look beautiful on fingers. Girl usually like to apply Mehndi on Fingers. Dotted designs also look beautiful on fingers. These are some designs which i am giving you to apply on finger. These designs like ring in the finger. The Girls who didn’t like to wear rings can can apply mehndi on fingers. The design which is given below is on the place of ring. There is full finger design also. It is a middle finger design and look awesome.  Dotted Mehndi Designs

Dotted Mehndi Designs with Kitchen Utensil:

Mehndi Designs also made with the help of Kitchen Utensils. Here I will give you some designs that you can make on your hands. These designs may be so simple and easy.  Any one can make them. These designs made with the help of kitchen utensils. Before this you have to try them.

Tikki Mehndi design with Utensil:

Dotted Designs with Different Patterns:

This stunning simple yet striking mehndi designs will make your hand stand out. It has a beautiful heart in the middle whereas the fingers are empty except the designs that gets connected with the middle finger. This design extend up to the arm which look fabulous. It has dotted design with it. It look beautiful with it. These designs look beautiful and stunning. In Arabic designs dotes are also used and also in Indian mehndi designs. I am also giving you some designs on dotted designs.

In this designs floral pattern, lined pattern and leaf style is also used because Floral design is also made with dots arranging them in line and making the circle of it. Because these designs look beautiful on hands. 

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