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Top 10 Unique and Easy Groom Mehndi Designs of 2019

Groom Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi is a form of body art from ancient India, in which decorated designs are created on person’s body. Here we discuss about Groom Mehndi Designs. In whole world, people like to apply mehndi which increase the beauty of women and bride . Groom is also apply mehndi on his hands because its a tradition in India, Groom is also apply mehndi as a Shagun. Men also apply mehndi as a tattoo on his head,shoulder,biceps,hands,legs and other parts of the body.Groom Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Design for Wrist:

Mehndi is increase the beauty of every person it made from leaves. Here we have a wrist band style mehndi design and this design is easy to apply. Leaves are formed which increase the beauty of hands.

Mehndi is applied wrist above and can cover a fourth of the forearm. Design can be of interwoven ornate style or have symbols which can resemble an actual bracelet. Groom Mehndi Designs is present on this page.

Linear Mehndi Design:

Print style mehndi designs for men mostly resemble the print done on clothes and fabrics. The common attribute is the presence of numerous lines interlocking at straight angles. Also, there is more emphasis on having proportionate patterns than having a definitive item like flower or leaves.

Mehndi Design for Back:

The gymmers usually like to apply mehndi on their back.


Pattern Mehndi Design:

Those type of designs are famous in different types of countries.Design is simple with isolated patterns on the hands or a small continuous pattern.Mehndi designs for men can, if so desired, go up to the wrist with deeper application on the tips of the hands thus creating a fuller design pattern.

Tikki Style Mehndi design:

Usually,these types of design is formed on their marriages. This simple and unique tikki design is formed in rituals of India. In every event women apply mehndi and men also apply mehndi as a shagun.

Design For Biceps:

This design is heavily inspired by Indian folk art and rural art forms. Various of these elements form a part of this design. The best part of this design is that it need not be limited to be adorned on hands or forearms and can be easily sported on upper arm as well.

Design For Shoulders:

The young boys like to apply these type of designs. Those designs like a tattoos. In the below design the linear pattern is formed. The design is starts from the shoulder and running to the elbow. The boys who goes for a workout they apply on their body because its a trend for gymers.

Henna Tattoos For Men:

the tattoo style mehndi design predominantly serves the purpose of resembling a tattoo. the tattoo style mehndi design predominantly serves the purpose of resembling a tattoo.First tattoo is scorpion style. Three scorpions are formed on arm. First scorpion is small ,the other is greater and the size of the third is big. Those tattoos looks beautiful.

The next tattoo is a dragon and boys like to apply this type of tattoos. The tattoo of dragon is looks beautiful and unique.

The third tattoo is a spider and spider’s web. This design is formed on arm and hand. The web is formed on arm and the spider is formed on the backside of the hand.

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