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30+ Unique and Elegant Styles of Henna Tattoos Designs of 2018-19

Henna Tattoos Designs:

Henna Tattoos Designs is famous among teenagers and kids. It usually like in foreign countries. Henna tattoos design is used to improve the appearance of the body. It is drawn on shoulders, palms, hands and legs. Henna designs are popular in many countries in Asia such as Pakistan, India, Sir-Lanka and Bangladesh. Henna has been long-established and practiced in sub-continent of India.

Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics silk, wool and leather but here we used henna for our body parts. Henna designs are put on during Muslims weddings and festivals like on Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr. Also by Hindu weddings or festivals like Vat Purnima, Karva Chauth, Bai Dooj, Teej and Diwali.

The henna tattoos design we’ve featured below can be easily applied by beginners. Below check out our easy,elegant and trendy Henna tattoos designs.

Turtle Tattoo Design:

Tattoos styles henna designs loved by girls and kids. They are all love to apply these types of mehndi designs. Below turtle tattoo is formed. This tattoo is easy to apply and these types of tattoos looks unique, descent and beautiful. In this design scales and feet of turtle are formed.

Butterfly Tattoos Designs:

Butterfly tattoos are looks so beautiful and unique. Kids love those types of designs. The designs below are look beautiful. Personally, I am is in love with those tattoos. In first tattoo simple butterfly is formed. In the second design butterfly is formed with stars. In the third photo butterfly is formed with dotted flowers.

Sun Tattoos Designs:

Sun tattoos are liked by Hindus. Hindu worship sun. In Hindu mythology, Surya represents the sun god. Surya is depicted as a red man three eyes and four arms.

Monkey Tattoo Design:

Animal tattoos are most trendy because every animal’s tattoo has it’s own meaning. People apply animal tattoos as their sign like cancer,Aquarius,Libra etc. Below we give you different animal henna tattoos. You can apply those tattoo in your body parts like arms ,hands, shoulders and legs etc.

Dream-catcher Tattoo:

Dream catcher is the symbol of hope. It is a homemade willow hoop, on which is woven a net or web. The dream catcher also include beads and feathers but here we share a henna tattoo so no beads and feathers are required.


Super-Man Logo Design:

Super Man is a fictional super hero. Here we give the logo of super man. Super man saves the lives of people from the poor people and also saves the country from the thieves. This title gives to the most brave and honest peoples who saves countries and lives of people.


Musical Note Tattoo:

This tattoo is the symbol of music. The music is the symbol of peace. These types of tattoos are loved by singers and songs lovers.

Peacock Tattoo:

Peacocks are very charming and beautiful creatures. They represent beauty, dignity, pride and self assurance. Peacocks have a variety of colors on them which make tattooing them a lot of fun. Below a simple and easy peacock henna tattoo design is formed.

Feather Tattoos:

You can find feather designs to have extravagant elements. Some of them include array of flowers and leaves. They are amazing. However, they can also be difficult for beginners but they like these types of tattoos.

Henna Tattoos Designs

Bow Foot Tattoo:

The below foot bow design is most beautiful and attractive. This simple and amazing design is easy to apply and got attraction in every function. People were see this design and say “wow…”.

Shoulder Tattoo:

Shoulder tattoos are much trendy. The people who wear sleeveless dresses they can apply this type of tattoos. This simple design has flowers and dotted chains which increase the beauty of shoulder. This tattoo is apply with black mehndi and easy to apply. Black mehndi gives a good color and dry very fast.

Love Symbol Tattoo:

Love is most important for every person. Even this is for father, mother, husband, wife, brother and for kids. This tattoo is the symbol of love and purity. Usually this type of tattoos are applied on valentines day and apply by their love ones. This symbolize tattoo show love for their person.

Shaded Tattoos Design:

Henna is very cultural and traditional thing but loved by all the girls and women without the discrimination of culture and area. It is usually used at formal events and for brides especially but now, girls are tended to carry it casually on their hands. So here we discuss about best and unique henna shading tattoo those designs are attractive and amazing.

Henna Tattoos Designs


Marker Tattoos Design:

Here we gives you a marker tattoos you can apply those tattoos with henna and with colorful markers. This designs are unique and simple. Those design are famous among teenagers and girls.



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